Stüssy Women Summer '20 Lookbook

The Stüssy Women Summer 2020 collection is a uniform for the fearless. Eye-catching colors and fabrics that demand to be noticed without being ostentatious. The casual DNA of Stüssy is ever-present but combines with distinctly feminine silhouettes to create something wholly original for a modern woman. A tactical mesh vest in a trippy doppler radar print, a simple jacquard tonal dress, and a Venus printed rayon button-down show range, wearability, and a clear point of view.
  • Sheer Embroidered Shirt
  • Neal Twofer Dress
  • Women's Outfit
  • Overalls
  • Women's Outfit
  • Lookbook Stussy Women Summer '20 Look 8
  • Penny Velour Dress
  • Lookbook Stussy Women Summer '20 Look 11
  • Block SS Contrast Tee