For the Men’s Holiday 2018 collection, Stüssy continues to build off the strengths of the seminal range that came directly before it. Workwear is the backbone of the collection, which makes sense considering those are traditionally protective garments, and the holiday season is the coldest of the year. The structural details of various uniforms – from military to custodial – are obvious inspirations throughout, but it is almost as if these pieces were reimagined through the eyes of Hunter S. Thompson himself. This duality is evident in something as simple as a zipped work shirt in brilliant colors – to something as complex as patterned sweat pants that look like they mirror the walls of a French palace at the height of Rococo. Prints in general are what continue to separate Stüssy pieces from the rest of the pack, pairing beautiful images of psychedelia with sturdy and universally beloved fabrics. Great examples of this are the vibrant mushroom prints on heavyweight cord shirting, zebra stripes on ultra warm polar fleece, and a puffer jacket that looks like it jumped out of one of those life-sized chess boards.

The Men’s Holiday ’18 collection is available now at all Chapter Stores, Dover Street Market London, and

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Stussy Mens Holiday 18 - 2





Stussy Mens Holiday 18 - 5





Stussy Mens Holiday 18 - 3





Art Direction:
Edward Quarmby

Liam MacRae

Tom Guinness