Stüssy Women Holiday 2018 collection is aimed squarely at keeping you looking good in fast dropping temperatures. Through studying how both skiwear and cold weather uniforms have evolved over the decades, the line presents a fascinating hybrid of the two styles with a postmodern execution. The seemingly disparate inspirations actually compliment each other beautifully, making for garments that are both highly functional and highly beautiful.

You’ll notice design details that would have graced the slopes in the 1980s – such as heavy quilts, exaggerated sleeve widths and ribbed collars – expertly intertwined with many functional elements that are trademarks of construction sites worldwide, especially from Japan. The inspirations are most evident in outerwear, such as the Reggie Nylon Jacket and Bix Fleece Bomber. There are also plenty of Stüssy classics to layer alongside them though, with a number of t-shirt dresses and printed long sleeve shirts to choose from.

Yet another season of strong world-building from Stüssy Women. While they obviously make clothes that work in the now, there is always the sense that they have one eye on heritage and the other on the future of womenswear.

The Women’s Holiday ’18 collection is available now at all Chapter Stores, Dover Street Market London, and

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Stussy Womens Holiday 18 - 9





Stussy Womens Holiday 18 - 7





Stussy Womens Holiday 18 - 3





Art Direction:
Edward Quarmby

Liam MacRae

Tom Guinness