Stüssy Women’s presents another strong season building on the vision established in the previous few installments. Futurism is still the overarching design ideal, but this season approaches that idea from two very distinct perspectives. On one hand you have nods to the sophisticated silhouettes that accompanied fashion’s initial embrace of the forthcoming decades, and those serve as effective counterpoint to the rest of the range, which is more in line with the clothes that came out of the chaos and uncertainty of the 1990s. The true beauty of having one collection possessing these seemingly opposing forces is the looks that can be created by joining them together. We’ve created a range of clothing that references many different positions on what we will be wearing in the coming years, but ultimately it is up to the consumer to take that and mold it into their own personal take on what life has in store for us.

The first delivery of our Women’s Summer ’18 collection is available now in chapter stores and on 



Beatrix Shirt
Leland Satin Pant




Dev T-Shirt Dress
Leland Satin Pant


Photography by Fahim Kassam
Styling by Annina Mislin